Using Visualization To Beat Ovarian Cancer (video)

Author, Speaker and late stage ovarian cancer survivor Chris Bledy shares perspective on the importance of visualisation in beating ovarian cancer and reclaiming your life.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Well I’m back in the chemo chair. After crying, shaking my fist at the sky, then making it through to the other side, I put my plan into action. One of the MOST important keys for me is visualization. I had a profound experience during my first chemo that allowed me to fully grasp how vital it was to uplift my mind and heart to be in a healing space during chemo. I had just been given my pre-chemo cocktail and was relaxing in my hospital bed. I heard a voice asking if I would like a blessing. A beautiful Irish priest knelt at my feet, annointed me with oil and spoke a prayer from his heart. It transported me into a very soulful healing realm. Then a young man with long flowing hair, white tunic shirt, and celtic harp came to my side and asked if I would like to hear some music and began to play a favorite of mine, “Fields of Gold”. I visualized the chemo as the golden light of God entering me. To this day, all I do is think of that experience and I am transported back to that uplifting moment. Today when I go to chemo, I will be bringing my visualization CD’s, cozy blanket, and greens water. (aka Chrustmas juice!) Also your post inspired me to make a healing vision board. Something creative to engage my mind while delighting my vision! Thanks for all you do to uplift and inspire…

  2. Hi Karen. I’m shaking my fist for you. I know exactly how you feel. When I was at that point, I was so angry, crying and hating this damn disease. I finally just surrendered. I don’t mean that I gave up. I just stopped fighting and let go of my attachments to ideal outcomes. I simply starting accepting the present moment, knowing it’s all part of the divine plan. Doesn’t mean I liked it any better, just quit the fighting and focused on healing. I realized I’d probably never have that carefree life I’d had in the past and that had to be OK. Again, I found my way to gratitude. Grateful it was me and not my mom, daughter, sister or anyone else in my family. There are huge lessons in suffering. Better me than those I love. I believe that beautiful gold light of God somehow brings us back to our healing place. We all do the best we can. I too went to God and the light for acceptance, love, humility and healing. My prayers are with you. I see the light flowing through your veins and I send you love – pure and unconditional. You remain in my highest thoughts of love, peace and healing. Thank you for sharing & I look forward to our next chat.

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