Since publication of my book, I’ve received lots of inquiries about skin care products. Choosing skin care products can be quite a challenge. Ingredients often include harmful chemicals, preservatives, petroleum products and other synthetic ingredients. As you know, these products often cause more harm than good.

While I’ve found natural and organic products, I’ve found most of them do little to nourish or enhance the appearance of my skin. Well, all that changed when I discovered Lluvia (“ju-vee-ah”).

Within two weeks of using these products, it seemed like everyone was complimenting me on my skin! This was quite a surprise, since I’ve never been one who had skin worth talking about.

The thing I love most about these products is their purity and nourishing benefits. My skin just seems to drink this stuff right up! Lluvia skin care products come from the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest is home to the most concentrated source of life energy on the planet. Therapeutic health discoveries being made in the Amazon Rainforest may very well be the most significant story of this century.

I was even more excited to learn about the company that makes these products and its wonderful impact on preserving the Rainforest. Amazon Herb Company founder John Easterling has three decades of experience in the Rainforest. He has developed long-lasting relationships with indigenous communities there, protecting them and fighting for their rights of land ownership. These indigenous people now own their land and are able to prevent it from being deforested. They have a sustainable income through harvesting plants, herbs and camu camu, while at the same time keeping the Rainforest alive and thriving.

John has saved more than one million acres of the Rainforest and continues to support many indigenous communities in the Amazon. The Amazon Herb Company has made an unwavering commitment to supporting a positive, sustainable future for the Rainforest and its inhabitants.

I recommend a PBS Home Video, “Return to the Amazon,” by Jean-Michel Cousteau. In this video, Cousteau and his team take us to the Amazon Rainforest and we see, first-hand, what is happening there. I was not surprised to see John Easterling included as an example of how we can manage the Rainforest without destroying it.

You can find lots of wonderful information about the Amazon Herb Company and its amazing products. When it comes to pure, organic, clean and healthy skin care products, this is my favorite company. Also, it does my heart good to know that by purchasing these products I am having a positive impact on our planet.

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