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    4 Comments on “Contact Chris

    1. Hello, I am not sure if this is active site or not..but I was diagnosed in 2010…the cancer has never gone away long..maybe a six month to one year break. I have had to have chemo each year since diagnosis…the last one doxial did not work…I am so scared…the same thing happened to my mother a few years before me…they tell me not to worry but they are just guessing at what to treat me with…the doxil was a shot in the dark…
      what do you teach people that will help overcome this?

    2. Hi Ann. Thank you for taking the time to contact me. This has to be one of the most frustrating diseases when it comes to women’s cancers. First of all, I am so sorry to hear about your situation. There’s no doubt this is a difficult disease to diagnose and even more difficult when it comes to treatment. It seems there has been no relief for you (six months to a year is not long at all). My heart goes out to you. Truly, it does. Many women have told me they feel the same as you – like it’s all a big guessing game. When I had my recurrence, my doctor thought we could try some different drugs too, but he actually had my cancer tested to see which drugs it would respond to… After he did that, we learned only 3 drugs had any impact on my cancer (taxol, carboplatnium & cysplatnium). The rest were useless. It was a big blow to me, but at least we didn’t waste a bunch of time trying drugs that were ineffective. While these drugs worked for my cancer, each of us are different and our cancers respond differently too. Drugs that worked wonderfully on others weren’t going to work at all for me. I don’t know if your doctor can have your cancer tested, like mine did, but I surely would ask. Then you can see for yourself how the cancer responds to various chemo drugs. Other than that, I’m not sure what else you could do when it comes to chemo treatments. For sure, please eliminate all genetically modified foods from your diet as these are proven to stimulate tumor growth like crazy… along with lots of other serious health effects. I eat all organic to insure I’m not exposing myself to GMOs, pesticides and other toxic chemicals. I could go on and on with all the things I have changed in my life because my chances of surviving this disease were grim to say the least. My cancer was severe, extensive, advanced and recurring. It’s now been over 11 years since my last recurrence and my medical team is still astounded. I don’t know if any of this is helpful, but I’d love to talk more. Until then, I’m holding you in my highest thoughts of love and healing.

    3. I was wondering if you could give me the name and number to your oncologist. My wife is diagnosis with stomach cancer and we have two little ones she is only 39. I got your web page from my co work she told me you guys are friends

    4. Hi Sal,
      Thank you so much for contacting me. I am so very sorry to hear about your wife. Although I don’t know anything about stomach cancer, I do know any cancer diagnosis is devastating. I’m not sure my gynecologic oncologist is the expert you are looking for, However; I do feel confident, if not him, he will be able to refer you to the right person. His name is Dr. Richard Friedman at 1-818-847-4431. He works at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank. His office is in the Roy & Patricia Disney Cancer Center at 818 S. Buena Vista St (3rd Floor), Burbank CA. I hope this helps. My heart is with you and your family. Please let me know if I can help you in any other way. Love and Light~

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