Beating Ovarian Cancer“Beating Ovarian Cancer”


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Have You Been Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer? Now, Here’s How to Beat It!

A diagnosis of ovarian cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Recent advances in medicine have made this once incurable disease treatable and manageable. You can beat advanced, and even recurring, ovarian cancer. Simple but significant lifestyle changes can produce big results when it comes to healing.


“Don’t let statistics determine your fate. You are not a number!” ~ Chris Bledy

Read this book and learn how to:

  • Recreate your body after surgery and chemotherapy
  • Shift your focus from surviving to thriving
  • Conduct a one-day lifestyle inventory
  • Implement small changes that create big results
  • Use gratitude and love to accelerate and enhance your healing
  • Achieve complete healing of your body, mind and spirit

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4 Comments on “Chris’ Book

  1. I think it’s an eye-opening, informative book, and can help people with any type of cancer.

  2. I have ovarian cancer 3c. I have just finished my chemo treatments. Before I found out I had cancer, I had been a vegan for almost 20 years, ran 8 miles each day before work, and worked out at the gym. I am in the process of reading your book, not for information on how to beat my cancer, but to read how Chris feels she beat cancer. Sadly, there are women who do everything that Chris says and still die from this terrible disease. Obviously, Chris does not know that God determines who will live and who will not live. It is His Sovereign Will that determines whether we live or do not live. Chris is alive because God wills her to be. It is not of her doing. Healthy life choices are important to all of us, but I lived a healthy lifestyle long before ovarian cancer. Chris gives herself way too much credit for beating cancer. If it were that easy, we would all recover and live to ripe old ages. Unfortunately, the statistics show otherwise.

  3. Yes, it is true that God may be the ultimate determining factor, but we all must do our best to participate in our healing. God did not give us cancer. We got sick because of things in our environment and choices we make. The United States has the highest cancer rates in the world and there is a reason for that.

    I always tell people that what I did was my choice. I do NOT claim that the things I did are a cure for cancer. I would never do that! The only thing I’m doing is telling my story… telling what I did to survive. That included a very deep journey into the soul and includes the body, mind and spirit. Whether you believe it or not, God wants my story told. Many will survive because of it, many will not. I did not survive this deadly disease to sit home in silence pretending nothing can be done. Miracles happen everyday.

    Before cancer, I too was healthy and an accomplished athlete. My story is a demonstration of faith, healing, and taking personal responsibility. Disease is about a lot more than eating right and exercising; although that plays a major role for most in this country, with any disease.

    Every one of us will face death eventually. Every one of us will suffer. There is no avoiding this in the physical body. It’s how we handle our suffering that sculpts our character and determines our integrity. For some of us having a deadly disease is one of our biggest challenges in life, whether we live or die, it’s how we go through this challenge that matters. If we can help others, if we can give back to those in need, if we can provide hope, faith, love and compassion. Those are the things that matter. I know that my story does this for many. It has helped numerous people all over the world. They write me, call me and tell me about their own miraculous survivals and thank me for writing a book that gave them hope.

    There are plenty of books on ovarian cancer that give facts, statistics and coping strategies in order to face death. I know! I read them myself. That information is everywhere and easy to find on the Internet, articles, books and more. Because of that information, too many women give up, give in and don’t ever believe they can survive. I was weary of that when I was sick and at one point I began to believe it too!

    My book is meant to provide hope and inspiration for those facing this disease. I want women to see a survivor. Someone who went through hell and worse, yet came through. My book is not a promise of a cure, but a story of a woman who not only survived, but reclaimed her health and her life. It is a true story. Life is precious and too many women are lost to this disease. If my book only helps one woman to survive, then it was worth all the work, money and effort that I put into it. It is God’s will that my story be told. It’s why I survived. Much love and light to you my teal sister.

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