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“Chris Bledy is an extraordinary and upbeat person. She is an inspiration for every cancer survivor, not just those with ovarian cancer.” ~ Richard L. Friedman, MD, PhD, Gynecologic Oncologist, Providence St. Joseph Medical Center

“Chris Bledy’s book is a reminder that women facing enormous odds can make life-altering differences in their lives. Empower yourself with her wisdom.” ~ Joan Bunney, Author, Sexy in Your Sixties

“Oncologists live to help patients survive and fulfill their dreams. It is deeply moving for me to be a part of the life of a very special person, who both willed herself to beat cancer and cared enough to share her amazing story that will help others win their battle.” ~ John L. Barstis, MD, Medical Director and Clinical Professor of Medicine UCLA Cancer Center

“If you didn’t believe in miracles, you will after you read Chris’s book. A must  for anyone going through a dis~ease. She shows you how to start with simple inventory, taking a look at what you are putting into your body, mind, and soul. She addresses issues one faces when they are going through a major life change. Chris is an inspiration to all, and proof that you can be the change you want to see.” ~ Namaste, Dolby Dubrow life long friend

“Chris’ book showed me that I can take responsibility for my health and living style.  I was most impressed with the chapter on inventory.  It was the way she looked at everything in her house and the routine of all that she did from waking in the morning, showering, breakfast, etc., to find how toxic her life really was, and where all those toxins were coming from.  I will use this information to keep and maintain a strong immune system.

I have been investigating Integrative Health issues for some time now, but never have I found such an easy to follow method for re-evaluating my eating habits and life style.  Never have I felt so inspired and able to change my life to something that will sustain health.

I found this book to be inspiring, humorous and sad at times, but with a clear and present voice that leads you compassionately and purposefully to a healthy and sustainable life.

There are two kinds of people for whom this book is most necessary, those battling disease and those who are not.” ~ Michele Michaels

“In the face of what seemed to be the darkest of tunnels, Chris Bledy found a deserving light, as she stayed convicted to her battle to live.  This miracle of strength overcame her disease by embracing the process every step of the way, no matter what fear presented itself.  Chris has championed because she continues to see adversity as an opportunity to befriend that, which may seem negative, in fact only to be more blessings.” ~ Stacey Lane, author of Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed


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