Beating Ovarian Cancer

I have been many places in the past eighteen months in search of natural treatments and cures for prostate cancer for my documentary and in my journeys I have met some quite remarkable people who have persevered in their own search for a natural cure for their own cancers. Some of these people have truly beaten the odds since some of their cancers were nothing less than a death sentence from their oncologist or surgeon. One such woman who continues to hold her cancer at bay in spite of ridicule from conventional medicine of her methods is Chris Bledy. Her book Beating Ovarian Cancer (published by Aviva and available through all major book stores ) should be an inspiration for all women who are facing treatments for that quite often deadly diagnosis. Her descriptions are quite candid, as they should be, and her acquired knowledge of what can be achieved in beating ovarian cancer I am sure will stimulate other women to not be defeatist and take charge of their own destiny rather than throwing the potential of a cure out on the winds of chance. Chris examined every facet of her life leaving nothing to chance, and so should you.

“I don’t care what type of cancer you have”, Chris told me “when you receive that diagnosis, it is devastating news. It is like having your death certificate handed to you right then and there. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. Naturally, I broke the news to my husband first and while he remained calm and encouraging, I’m sure he was freaking out inside. Our lives were suddenly filled with fear and heartbreak.”

While Chris’ book is full of information on what she did and what she encourages others to do, her personal insights as to her relationship with her spouse addresses what so many women dread, the loss of that certain personal intimacy that makes marriages special. “While I expected and took for granted that I would receive support from my spouse,” Chris continued “this is not always the case. Many couples divorce or split up because the physical changes are simply too much to handle. The most vital support came from my husband. Throughout these trying times we remained sexually active. We found new ways when the old ways no longer pleased us. Most important was the closeness and tenderness I felt with my husband. He was going through as much hell as I was and we both needed to feel loved. It doesn’t matter what type of sexual intimacy you choose, it’s critical to stay sexually active.”

Although she had several rounds of conventional treatments, they had failed and she was very much left on her own and to her own devices if she was going to survive.

“I spent years battling late stage ovarian cancer; surviving surgeries and chemo only to have the cancer return with full vengeance. It was then that I realized modern medicine was only treating my cancer, not curing it. I just couldn’t understand why my immune system was so compromised. I had been healthy, active and spiritual my entire life! What was going on? I decided to take a look at the things that were in my control. I started by doing an inventory of everything I put on my body or in my mouth. I began with my morning ritual. After brushing my teeth, I wrote down all the ingredients in my toothpaste. From there I showered, shampooed, and conditioned my hair. Again, I noted all the ingredients. This went on to my body lotion, cosmetics, hair spray and so on. By the time I was ready for breakfast, I had accumulated a list of hundreds of chemicals and toxins I had already exposed myself to. I thought I ate healthy, but after writing down all the ingredients in my foods, it seemed there were so many questionable items that most of what I ate wasn’t even real food! That’s when I decided to take responsibility for my part of this illness. I may not be able to change what the government allows on the shelf, but I sure can change what I choose to buy off that shelf! “

Chris Bledy goes into great detail of what she did and what she recommends any cancer patient do for themselves rather than giving up and putting ones fate in another’s sometimes disinterested hands.

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