Are You Doing Everything You Can To Beat Ovarian Cancer? (video)

Author, Speaker and late stage ovarian cancer survivor speaks about evaluating whether you are doing everything you can to beat ovarian cancer.

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  1. I am becoming my own full time job! 24/7 every decision I make is based on will this contribute to my health or fuel my cancer. It is an overwhelming job appearing endless. So when I think of, am I doing everything I can? I think I’ve gone overboard and am doing too much. I have every waking moment scheduled. 6AM wake up, meditate,qigong, warm water with lemon juice, supplements, magnesium oil rub, dry skin brushing, green smoothie… and all befor 8AM ! I’ve made my life into and endless drugery. So I’m taking my life back. I am going to simplify and not sweat the small stuff. As long as my thoughts and actions are life affirming, each moment will be ripe with possibilities for a more balanced and unstressed life. My “TO DO” List has officially become my “Un List”.

  2. Oh Karen! When you said you’ve become your own full time job, I laughed so hard, I cried. What a perfect description! I often see people going overboard doing everything from juicing diets to handfuls of supplements, from chakra balancing to yoga to… well, you name it. While each of those things have benefit, people often attempt to do everything at once. As women that’s how we operate, so it shouldn’t be surprising.

    I did some of that myself in the beginning, so I can relate. When you have cancer, all of a sudden everyone has a opinion. While they are trying to be helpful, all those opinions and options can have one going crazy trying to do all that stuff!

    If there’s any advice I can give you, here’s the most valuable to me. This is what matters most to me and my body. Hold yourself to a high standard when it comes to what you put on your body and in your mouth. I think this has the biggest impact of all. Here’s my top tips for staying cancer-free.

    1. Stay stress-free – Be sure you LOVE what you do in work and play.

    2. Avoid ALL GMOs. I eat only organic whether it’s food or drink, coffee or chocolate… Always organic. It’s the only way I can be sure I’m not eating GMOs. GMOs stimulate tumor growth like crazy and eating them contributes to many other serious health problems as well.

    3. Avoid fast food (it’s not even food). To prove it… I bought a McDonald’s hamburger happy meal, along with chicken nuggets. I dated the box and put it in my cupboard. Never even opened it. That was last June. It never smelled or anything like that. I even forgot about it for a long time. I took it out last week to show two friends who were visiting and guess what? It looked like the day I bought it. No mold on the bread, the meat had no deterioration at all, the fries and nuggets looked so real, my 5 yr. old grandson was trying to grab one. We had a good laugh about that. But you get the idea. Seems more like plastic than food.

    4. Avoid processed foods and foods with ingredients that aren’t food, like preservatives, dyes, additives, chemicals, and any non food ingredient. The same with drinks… No additives, dyes, chemicals, etc. I drink mostly water, never colas.

    5. I don’t use any chemical cleaners in the home, that includes laundry products and personal body products as well. If it goes on your skin, it goes into your bloodstream, so keep it pure and clean.

    Because we have severely compromised immune systems (duh…cancer), every little thing makes a difference. The things we put on our body and in our mouth will either contribute to our health & healing or they will contribute to our illness. That’s why I believe these 5 things have the biggest impact. Yes, you’re right there’s a lot more that can be done, but you have to be sure you love doing those things. For me, I love playing tennis, so that’s my choice for exercise. Relax, have fun, nurture yourself and stop trying to do everything! It’s that “Super Woman” thing we have to learn to let of.

    Karen… You are awesome… I love you girl! Keep it real.

    Love and Light,

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