Playtime Brings Joy

What brings you joy? I’m talking about real joy – the kind of joy that fills you with happiness and makes your heart sing. If you haven’t pondered this question, then it’s time you do! Finding your joy and living in that space is one of the greatest treasures you can give yourself and others. Joy is such a high vibration that all who are around it benefit.

After my recurrence (when I was sure my days were numbered), I spent a lot of time asking myself, “What really brings me joy?” The question seemed simple enough, yet I struggled to answer it. The obvious answers were family love, time with grandchildren, friends and so on. It was more challenging to answer questions related to me – my spiritual journey, my alone time and even my playtime. Did I even have playtime anymore? Or… had I left that behind with my youth? I decided that I would focus on playtime.

I allowed myself a thought I hadn’t pondered in a long time – tennis. I had to admit, tennis was one of those things that truly brought me joy. It wasn’t like going to the gym and doing another healthy routine so I could mark it off my checklist. Tennis was fun for me!

It may sound silly, but when I play tennis, I feel like a child again. I don’t take it as seriously as most people do. I just look at it as my playtime. I get to be outdoors with friends. And we just play! Running around the court, hitting that little yellow ball with our racquets – we give it our best. We laugh, groan at the lousy shots and cheer when we make great shots! If someone has an off day, we simply shrug it off, knowing it will be better next time. This is our playtime and we love it, whether we play well or not.

Some of the wonderful ladies I play with regularlyCalabasas Swim and Tennis Center

If you haven’t thought about your own playtime, now is a good time to do it! Playtime, whatever yours may be… will fill your spirit with joy, laughter and light.

Be more childlike and play simply for the fun of playing. Whether it’s hobbies, art and crafts or games, it will benefit your body, mind and spirit. Playtime is a time for fun and joy – not for judgment and criticism. If you want to improve, take some lessons, classes or simply play more. What’s most important is to just have fun.

If you’ve read my book, then you know it’s a miracle I’m even alive today, let alone playing tennis! Believe me; I had my doubts about being able to return to the game. After searching my heart, I realized that tennis was one of those things that brought me great joy. So, I took a risk and went back to the courts. Mary Pat Faley is my tennis and drill class instructor.

When I started back to drill classes, I simply rested and let the others continue when it became too strenuous for me. Mary Pat Faley is an amazing lady, with tremendous knowledge about the game of tennis and the game of life. I’m astounded at how much we can accomplish with the help and encouragement of others. Mary Pat encouraged me when I thought I wasn’t strong enough or when I thought I couldn’t get back into shape again. She worked with me slowly and patiently until I was able to keep up with the others.

Me and Mary Pat Faley, my tennis instructor
Me and Mary Pat Faley, my tennis instructor

Thanks to Mary Pat and my friends at Calabasas Swim and Tennis Center, I’m back on the court again. I’m happy, healthy and enjoying tennis more than ever. It is part of my joy and part of my healing.

If you’re interested in tennis, leadership, success and healthy living, then you’ll want to know that Mary Pat recently published her first book, “Winning in Tennis and Life.” You’ll learn about tennis, as well as how get healthy and fit in order to take yourself to the top – and beyond!

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  1. wow! I love your blog Chris. You and your tennis dudettes are lQQking mighty fine. You are an amazing lady. Lots of great information for all of us…We can learn what you are living.
    Things such as love, intimate, spiritual connection, self-expression, creativity, right livelihood, meaningful contribution to the world and a brighter future for generations to come all require the awakening of a co-creative feminine power to bring them forth.
    Here is to self-empowering the ladies of the light…

    Namaste, Dolby xo xo

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