Masterful Living

During times of life threatening disease, we can’t help but look inward – questioning the presence or absence of God, Spirit or Source (whatever term you prefer). I too have questioned.

In order to live a truly masterful life, we must feed our spirit and nurture our soul. Like maintaining good health, it is ongoing and never ending.

In January, I made a committment to a year long course in Masterful Living. It has already begun to impact my life in the most beautiful and profound ways. I am receiving so much love, abundance and grace that my heart is soaring. Being in the presence of Awakened ones is teaching me how to make a difference in the lives of others, myself and our planet. There is so much we can do and learn. I am finding meaning and purpose.

Please share how you are nurturing your soul and spirit. It will surely benefit all of us. We are all searching for meaning in our lives.

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  1. I love this article very much. I will definitely be back. Hope that I will be able to study far more insightful posts then. Will be sharing your knowledge with all of my friends!

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