Ener-Chi Art

Ener-Chi Art is based on one of the most ancient systems of healing and rejuvenation. A primary function of this art is to restore a balanced flow of life force energy, or “Chi,” throughout the body.

Ener-Chi Art consists of inspired artwork imbued with light-encoded energies. It involves a series of paintings; and each is “activated” with specific light rays. There is a painting for each organ and system of the body. For example, if you look at the painting that corresponds to the heart – even for only about a minute -profound changes occur in the life energy field corresponding to that organ. The flow of Chi becomes fully restored, and any thought forms or emotional imbalances that had been locked in the cellular structure of that organ are systematically transmuted and released.

A second series of paintings is designed to heal the Earth and its environment. Six paintings are in this category, with each related to a specific planetary issue. For example, one is meant to heal and awaken energies in the mountain and rock structures of the planet; another intended to have a similar effect on the rivers, lakes and seas.

There is one additional picture, “Beyond the Horizon.” It can be used with any problem, emotional difficulty, physical ailment, and mental or spiritual block.

Each work of Ener-Chi Art, except the one used for healing of the air, is an 8½” X 11″ inch photographic reproduction of the original painting. Only the highest quality commercial photographic processes are used in order to capture the full energetic of the original painting. Included with each picture is a set of instructions so that maximum benefit may be derived from the picture.

For more information on these paintings, please visit http://www.drhuldaclark.org
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