The Cleansing Benefits of Exercise

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The Cleansing Benefits of Exercise

Whether you’re in remission, in the middle of treatment, have just been diagnosed, or are simply trying to minimize your risk, there’s little argument: cancer doesn’t like exercise. The National Cancer Institute states that in addition to reducing fatigue, promoting energy balance and improving your overall quality of life, regular exercise can increase your survival rate and reduce your chances of a recurrence of some types of cancer.

Several studies have already shown the benefits of exercise in people who are battling cancer and more studies are currently being conducted. Regular, moderate exercise can help you look better, feel better and think more clearly. Some studies even show that you may be more optimistic after an hour of aerobic exercise that you would be after an hour in front of the television.

Regular physical exercise doesn’t have to be boring or painful. The most beneficial exercise is one that you like and that you’ll do on a regular basis. Perhaps you enjoy ballroom dancing, bicycling or bowling, or even a walking the dog. Whatever you enjoy that gets you up and moving will benefit your heart, lungs, immune and endocrine systems. Regulare aerobic exercise – anything that gets your heart beating at about 70% of its maximum for more than about 20 minutes helps detox your detox your body after mesothelioma treatment or other protocols. Because your blook cycles through your liver and kidneys more quickly during and after exercise, your body can remove more toxins and other chemical by-products. You get more oxygen into your blookstream, which in turn nourishes your cells with vital nutrients. As you inhale more deeply, you lungs purge toxins that tend to gather in the lower lobes of your respiratory tract. Prolonged physical exercise can cleanse your inside like a long hot shower cleanses your outside.

There’s little doubt that exercise improves your physiological functions, but the most beneficial aspect may be the way you feel more alive after a vigorous workout. Your mind is clearer, your senses are more acute, your body feels fatigued, but in a good way. So, whether you are trying to beat cancer or just stay out of its grasp, get moving and improve your odds of taking the wind out of cancer’s sails.

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