Hormone Update

Although it’s been 10 years since my initial ovarian cancer diagnosis (and hysterectomy) as well as  7 years since my last recurrence, I was still experiencing menopausal symptoms. I was very nervous about taking any type of hormones because of cancer and how much we all hear that we should avoid them. After doing lots of research, I decided it was time to give them a try. The only choice for me is bio-identicals. When one researches the difference between drug hormones and bio-identical hormones, the choice seems obvious.

I started using bio-identica hormones on 4/8/10. I am using the topical creams only- Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone. We started very conservatively. My dose of Estradiol has increased twice and my dose of testosterone increased once. This seems to be working beautifully for now.

The main benefit has been in the quality of my sleep. I sleep deeply and almost always all night. I no longer wake up 6 or 7  times a night in a sweat, throwing covers off then on again. It’s so wonderful to sleep all night. I forgot what it was like to feel rested and refreshed.

I also, have more energy. Perhaps it’s from a good night’s rest  or it could be that I had no testosterone before taking the hormones. I understand testosterone can really effect energy levels as well as sexual desire. And yes, my libido has improved significantly, along with the vaginal dryness I used to have. So all in all, I’m feeling much better now. I will let you know how the next three months go. Until then… love to all of you.

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