Hormone Adjustments

Just wanted to give a quick update on my experience with bio-identical hormones. I recently had my hormone levels checked to see how my body is responding.

I learned that my testerone levels were too high (which may be why I was noticing more hair in my hairbrush than normal). So, we went to a lower dose and I immediatly noticed a stop in the hair loss. I was never losing enough hair to be concerned, but it’s nice to know it wasn’t simply aging creeping up on me!

My progesterone levels were still too low, so that was increased. This should help me sleep better. Only a couple weeks after this adjustment I have indeed already noticed it. I’m sleeping throughout the night now and the quality of rest is fabulous.

My estrogen levels were right on target so no change there.

Overall, I’ve noticed lots of benefits to being on bio-identical hormones. I have lost weight which seemed impossible before the hormones. It’s true I’ve been exercising and watching my balance of foods, but it just seemed to come off  much easier now that my hormones are back. I rarely have hot flashes – a big relief to say the least! As I mentioned earlier, I’m sleeping better, feeling more alert and mentally balanced. My energy levels are wonderful. Overall I’m really happy that I went ahead and gave bio-identicals a try. I’ll let you know how my next blood test goes and if there are any changes. Until then, you may want to condsider giving bio-identicals a try!

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