Beating Ovarian Cancer: The Difference Between Hope and Faith (video)

When I attend cancer events, the one of the first things I notice is the powerful message of hope. Hope seems to be everywhere at these events. There are banners of hope, messages of hope, and mostly it’s the people at these events who are filled with hope.

People are talking about hope for new treatments and hope for more effective drugs and of course, ultimately… hope for a cure. It is so beautiful and inspiring. While there seems to be no shortage of hope; I always have the nagging feeling there’s a genuine scarcity when it comes to having faith.

I’m not saying to give up hope, never under-estimate the value of hope. What I am saying is, “This is the time to embrace FAITH”. When I was sick, I realized I spent far too much time in hope and not enough time in faith. Hope took me away. It took me somewhere in the future, where everything was right and perfect.

Hope has this underlying message that things are not the way they are supposed to be. Things aren’t right, they aren’t good. So we hope. We hope for miracles, for cures, for all sorts of things that aren’t here today.

When I was living in this hopeful phase, I simply wasn’t present. I wasn’t here in the moment where my real life exists with all these challenges and problems. Once I decided to embrace faith, things got a whole lot easier.

Faith helps us to accept what is and keep us present. All stress comes from resisting the current moment. Once we stop resisting and we accept it for what it is… good or bad, suddenly things improve.

Faith kept me grounded and it kept me in the “here and now”. Even when I was at my worst, I had faith that things would improve and they did.

Now, this moment, have faith. Stop hoping you have the right doctor or hoping your treatment is working, stop hoping for cures and begin exercising your faith.

  • Have faith in your doctors. They’re well educated and highly skilled. They’ve dedicated their lives to saving ours.
  • Have faith in your entire medical team.
  • Have faith in your treatments. Know they are accomplishing the desired result.
  • Have faith in the people around you and those who are supporting you through this trying time.
  • Have faith in yourself and your body’s ability to heal itself.

Next time you catch yourself in that hopeful state of mind, take those exact thoughts and re-think them into thoughts that express faith.

Just watch how that shifts your energy. It’s very powerful, so give it a try!


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