Looking Back at 2010

Wins   My book received the 2010 National Indie Excellence Finalist Award in the Women’s Issues Category Received an award from the City of Los Angeles for my volunteer work Media recognition for my book, “Beating Ovarian Cancer” including speaking engagements,

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2011 Intentions

2011 Intentions My main intention is to be a healing presence. My desire is to receive & transmit authentic healing, unconditional love, non-judgment, grace & compassion. To serve, forgive and be the light.

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Hormone Adjustments

Just wanted to give a quick update on my experience with bio-identical hormones. I recently had my hormone levels checked to see how my body is responding. I learned that my testerone levels were too high (which may be why

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Hi Bloggers! I just received an email from a woman asking if anyone out there knows anything about ascites. She was diagnosed with borderline ovarian cancer in March and was told she didn’t need chemo. Eight weeks later she developed

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Hormone Update

Although it’s been 10 years since my initial ovarian cancer diagnosis (and hysterectomy) as well as  7 years since my last recurrence, I was still experiencing menopausal symptoms. I was very nervous about taking any type of hormones because of

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Want to learn more about your risk for ovarian cancer? I met Joseph Casey last week at the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Conference. He lost his mother to ovarian cancer. As a result, his family created this wonderful short video.

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Looking Back

Looking Back For me, 2009 began in deep gratitude, love and joy. I’d done a lot of work to get to this point, yet I wondered: Can this joy, love and deep gratitude be maintained or is it a cycle

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Well Bloggers, After meditating and asking for guidance from the ascended ones, I decided to consult with an expert on bio-identical hormones to see if I am a candidate. I had my bloodwork done and went in for the consultation. Wow,

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Bio Identical Hormones

Hello Bloggers, I’m wondering if any of you are using bio-identical hormones. Having survived late stage ovarian cancer as well as recurrence, I’ve always been fearful of taking hormones. I must admit, after reading several books by Suzanne Somers, I’m

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Ener-Chi Art

Ener-Chi Art is based on one of the most ancient systems of healing and rejuvenation. A primary function of this art is to restore a balanced flow of life force energy, or “Chi,” throughout the body. Ener-Chi Art consists of

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