Beating Ovarian Cancer: The Importance of Gratitude (video)

When you’re sick and especially when you’re dealing with a life-threatening disease, it’s very difficult feel grateful. After all, gratitude is thankfulness. It’s a way that we count our blessings. It’s being appreciative for what we have. That’s not an

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Beating Ovarian Cancer: Your Lab Results (video)

If you’ve gone through cancer treatments or treatments for any other type of serious illness, you may find yourself in a similar situation as those of us who have been through treatments for ovarian cancer. Once the treatments end, follow-up

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In Memory of my friend Gayle McKenna

Gayle was president and founder of the Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California. She was a long term survivor who dedicated her life to OCC. For the past 14 years she has put on the Women’s Annual Walk/Run at CBSStudioCenter

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Beating Ovarian Cancer: When To Throw Yourself A Pity Party (video)

I think all of us know going through cancer treatments isn’t easy, yet we do the best we can. We prop ourselves an awful lot. We do this for our loved ones and others and also, for ourselves. We want

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Beating Ovarian Cancer: The Difference Between Hope and Faith (video)

When I attend cancer events, the one of the first things I notice is the powerful message of hope. Hope seems to be everywhere at these events. There are banners of hope, messages of hope, and mostly it’s the people

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Using Ginger To Kill Ovarian Cancer Cells (video)

Ginger is used as an effective remedy for nausea and inflammation, but… Did you know ginger kills ovarian cancer cells? Yep, it’s true! Researchers from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center found that ginger not only kills ovarian cancer

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Beating Ovarian Cancer: Is It Your Time Or Your Challenge (video)

Cancer survivors are such special people. I’ve never met an arrogant one. I believe all survivors, including myself, know just how lucky we really are. Cancer treatments are truly humbling. Those of us, who have been through it, know all

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Beating Ovarian Cancer: Symptoms To Be Aware Of (video)

Ovarian cancer survivor Chris Bledy talks about the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer that you need to be aware of.

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Chris’ Video Tips

Hello it’s Chris! I just wanted to write in and mention that we just launched “Chris’ Video Tips” which will include a new video from me each week. These videos are filled with great information and are my gift to

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The Cleansing Benefits of Exercise

A big thank you goes out to David Haas for contributing this wonderful article. The Cleansing Benefits of Exercise Whether you’re in remission, in the middle of treatment, have just been diagnosed, or are simply trying to minimize your risk,

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