CHRIS BLEDY is an author, speaker and survivor of late stage and recurring ovarian cancer. She knows what it takes to beat the odds and live your best life. Chris lives with her husband in Woodland Hills, CA.

The inspiration for this rhyme came from my niece Roxanne and in memory of my father who was an avid member of the Checkers off-road motorcycle club.



I am Christine the eldest daughter, of Virginia and Doyle Fields,
I’m the wife of Leslie Bledy and a mother on two wheels
I love motorcycles, music, tennis and much more,
My life is filled with love and friends and partying galore

Everything was going along, even better than I’d planned,
And then you came to visit, with Grim Reaper in your hand
You knew you’d sneak in quietly, with no symptoms and no test,
Since you can’t be detected early, you came in and made your nest

Oh, you spread yourself around alright; my body was your house,
You’re known as “The Silent Killer” and you’re as quiet as a mouse
But I’m a Desert Daisy and there’s Checkers blood in me,
Ex-racers are as tough as nails; they don’t die easily

The first time you came around, you were sure that I would die,
I went through hell with surgeries and chemo made me cry
To you my fate was certain; your death numbers are so grand,
You didn’t know that I would have the best doctors in the land

You thought that you could beat me down because you are so tough,
Well, I finished the Barstow to Vegas race and that was pretty rough
When I didn’t die the first time, you just couldn’t let it be
It took two years to find your way, back inside of me

Just like Stephen King’s Christine, she’s famous as can be,
We have a lot in common, more than our names, you see
Each time that you destroy us, we are an ugly mangled mess,
But we come back to life again more beautiful than the rest

You’re just like Adolf Hilter, death everywhere you go,
But you don’t scare me anymore; I’m stronger than you know
Go ahead and take a look, I’m as precious as can be.
My life’s the present moment and you can’t take that from me

Now you’ve been gone for several years, much longer than before,
Are you truly gone forever, or will you again knock on my door
If you come back, I’m ready; I’ve got my armor and battle shields
I am Christine the eldest daughter, of Virginia and Doyle Fields


4 comments on “About Chris
  1. Sue Thompson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and expertise on tonight’s Women’s Call. You shared a wealth of information that so many of us need to be aware of.

    I am curious if you could tell me if there is a link between cervical and ovarian cancers? My daughter’s closest friend battled cervical cancer in her late 30’s and I have been trying to encourage her to use Immunocal to ward off any recurrence. Is there anything you can share with me about this.?

    I also appreciated your information on GMO’s.

    Warm Regards,

  2. chris says:

    As far as I know, there is not a link between ovarian and cervical cancer. However, they are both gynecologic cancers. I suggest the patient be in the care of a Gynecologic Oncologist, since their skill level in dealing with gynecological cancers is undisputed and increased survival rates are well documented when patients are under their care.

    As far as helping people who are ill and/or have disease… some are receptive, some are not. I believe anyone who is ill can benefit by taking Immunocal. Building a sound immune system is critical when it comes to survival and reclaiming one’s health. Learning how to feed our body, how to avoid harmful toxins in our food, personal products and our environment can make all the difference when it comes to life and death. It’s simply a matter of a person’s willingness to look truthfully at the choices they are making and being willing to hold themselves accountable for the results. Most people don’t want to hold themselves accountable. Most just want to go to the doctor and get fixed… as if they were a car or something. I’d learn everything possible about our food supply and source of foods, with the main focus on learning about Genetically Engineered foods (GMOs). It’s a great way to become educated, informed and truly healthy. Much love and luck to you, your daughter and her friend.

  3. Barbara says:

    Hi Chris your poem touched me emotionally because I too have been through the Horrific loop of surgery and 6 chemos I am stopping now because I feel if I continue the chemo it will be the end of me. The horrible part is that I studied holistic medicine and how not to get cancer for the last 25 years and what to do holistically if you did get it.Unfortunately I didn’t know enough about ovarian cancer and was too far advanced stage 3 to holistically cure myself.

    I tried though for the first 2 months with diet and intravenous vitamins. My symptoms all started after I had a CT scan and numerous X-rays all on the same day of my right hip. Within weeks I felt ill with mouth blisters and swollen joints and then bloating and 4 months after the hip CT scan and X-rays I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Anyways I have been taking Ginger everyday since being diagnosed. I eat well primarily a vegan diet.I was wondering is there anything else you can advice me about. I have been following all of the natural websites such as cancer, etc. but I am wonrried about reoccurrence. When it reoccured in you what were your symptoms?

  4. chris says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I swear, I hate this damn disease. I was in a very similar situation as you. Healthy to begin with (or so I thought), then getting that late stage diagnosis was shocking. You know, I do everything I can…still to this day and my last recurrence was in 2002 – when it had spread to my neck and pancreas. After three major surgeries, chemo, too many drugs to name, I sort of surrendered. I figured, I was going to die from this disease, but not like this…not sick and pathetic. I just wanted to get healthy enough to have some semblance of life again, even if I only had a year left. So, common sense things and what others call woo woo things. I do all organic foods, no GMOs, no chemicals on my body or in my home, clean water in entire home, removal of all mercury (silver) fillings and root canals, avoid all the processed oils such as vegetable, sunflower, safflower and so on. I only use organic coconut oil and grass fed butter, olive oil,and occasionally avocado oil. I have EMF protectors on my electronics – cell phones, laptops, iPads computers,etc.I get daily direct sunshine with NO sunglasses and as little clothes as possible for about 30 minutes everyday, acupuncture, massages, mud baths, mineral pools, energetic balancing, CBD oil, bio-identical hormones (yes I know all the scare tactics on hormones, but did my research. It took me 10 years to get over the scare but once I went on the bio-identical hormone creams, I felt like a new woman – sleep all night again, no more hot flashes, mood swings, etc. Of course, there’s all the things like vitamins, minerals, herbs, krill oil, turmeric, and on and on. Of course, these things took time, trail and error and I did it all without attachments to the outcome. I did not plan on surviving this long, I only wanted to feel better and think clearly again. I wanted to die with dignity… who knew I’d stop the cancer and actually reclaim my life. There is so much more. For me, it was about healing my physical body, my mental body and my spiritual body. I was always a grateful and positive person, but there was so much more I could do. Those are just some of the things I can think of off the top of my head! LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! If you ever want to talk… Call me, I am always here for anyone who wants support or even if you just want to have someone to talk with who’s gone through the same hell. 1-818-264-6788. Love and Light sweet friend.

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